Treatment of patients with pain after knee replacement

Treatment of patients with pain and problems after total knee arthroplasty is challenging. It has to be individually adjusted to the cause of the patient`s problems and the patient itself.


Only if the cause of the problems is correctly identified, treatment will result in a significant relief of the patient`s pain and other symptoms. Hence, a meticulous diagnostic algorithm is mandatory and decisive for outcome after treatment, whether non-surgical or surgical.


The pros and cons of each treatment method have to be carefully weighed against the possible clinical benefits for the patient.


The spectrum of treatment options consist of non-surgical such as injections, physiotherapy, pain therapy or surgical methods.


Surgical revision of the knee joint after TKR can include soft tissue releases, partial or complete change of TKR components. It can become necessary to use higher constraints, which give the patient more stability, but are also more invasive.